Andrée Huberdeau

Biography:  Andrée Huberdeau is a Sergeant with the Winnipeg Police…



Andrée Huberdeau is a Sergeant with the Winnipeg Police Service with 26 years of experience in providing community service and leadership.  Andrée is a skilled trainer, mentor and facilitator both within the workplace, and in the community.

Andrée brings an equity and inclusion lens to her work; she believes that ongoing conversation and action around diversity, equity and inclusion must be integrated into the fabric of an organization to create inclusive environments and develop effective programming strategies.  Andrée has led numerous strategic initiatives including the development of mental health/disability training for her organization.

As a parent of a son with autism, Andrée has taken a leadership role in developing and leading workshops to increase understanding among police agencies, neurodivergent people, nonprofit organization and the community at large.


Presentation: ARRC (Alternative Response to Citizens in Crisis)

Non-urgent, non-criminal dispatched calls for police service continue to rise in Winnipeg as does the demand to respond to community needs with alternative mental health and addiction crisis support.  In response to these increasing demands, the Winnipeg Police Service (WPS) and Shared Health’s Crisis Response Centre (CRC) formed a partnership to launch a unit called Alternative Response to Citizen’s in Crisis (ARCC). This unit pairs a police officer with a mental health clinician to bring mental health services into community to provide safe, on-scene access to mental health interventions.