Arielle Keith and Micky Mandelbaum

Biography: Arielle Keith is a registered Occupational Therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba.…


Two women. Top image - woman with wavy dark brown hair. Bottom image - woman with long brown hair, wearing a light grey blazer smiling.


Arielle Keith is a registered Occupational Therapist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Arielle works with young adults with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and/or who are neurodivergent, through the organization Gaining Resources Our Way (G.R.O.W.). Arielle works collaboratively with her clients to enhance their independent living skills (such as: cooking, cleaning, money management, community navigation, and so on) in preparation for independent or semi-independent living.

Micky Mandelbaum is an Occupational Therapist based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Micky currently works at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC), providing therapy services to children in Northern Manitoban communities through Jordan’s Principle. Prior to her work at RCC, Micky provided occupational therapy services to neurodivergent adults at G.R.O.W in Winnipeg. When she is not at work, Micky can be found spending time outdoors or traveling the world, exploring new places, cultures and cuisines.


Presentation: Meaningful Transitions – Perspectives of Individuals with Disabilities on Transitional Life Stages

This presentation will explore the different meaningful transitions that individuals with disabilities self identify as having progressed through and desire. Focus will be put on highlighting the best parts and discussing the barriers and challenges within each transitional stage. This presentation will be based on the results of an upcoming study that will be completed on this topic. In this study, individuals with intellectual, developmental and/or social disabilities will be asked to identify the meaningful transitions they have gone through and to discuss the best parts and barriers within each stage. This presentation will also outline the various programs offered through Gaining Resources Our Way (G.R.O.W.) which is an organization that prides itself on aiding young adults with disabilities to navigate through and be best supported through various stages of life.