Dr. Jo Ann Unger: School Refusal and Anxiety

Dr. Jo Ann Unger, C.Psych. provides treatment, consultation, and assessment…


Dr. Jo Ann Unger, C.Psych. provides treatment, consultation, and assessment services through her private practice as well as through a public health position. She has many years of experience and training in using a variety of psychotherapy models with children, families, couples, and adults.  These include cognitive behaviour therapy, client-centred therapy, mindfulness-based approaches, emotion-focused therapy for couples, dialectical-behaviour therapy, attachment theory, and family systems theory.

Dr. Unger uses her experience gleaned from applying psychological principles to a variety of leadership positions and knowledge family and organizational systems to consult with organizations. She has particular interest in supporting the development of psychologically healthy workplaces.

In addition, she offers workshops for community members and training to professionals on a variety of topics.

Dr. Unger is currently President of the Manitoba Psychological Society and is using this position to advocate for better access to psychologists in Manitoba.

Session Summary

We have become increasingly aware that attending school regularly is good for most kids for many reasons. It can thus be confusing, frustrating, and concerning for caregivers and educators when children refuse to attend. In this two-hour workshop, Dr. Jo Ann Unger will briefly describe the issue, provide tips on how to approach school refusal, outline strategies to use with children, and suggest additional resources for further support. This will include information applicable for kids in general as well as some specific information for children with intellectual, developmental, and neurodevelopmental difficulties.


Thursday, November 3, 2022 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM CDT