Grant Bruno, Keynote Speaker

Biography Grant Bruno is Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) and a registered member of…


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Grant Bruno is Nehiyaw (Plains Cree) and a registered member of Nipsihkopahk (Samson Cree Nation), one of the reserves that makes up Maskwacis, Alberta, but grew up in Enoch Cree Nation. He is a PhD in Medical Sciences – Pediatrics candidate at the University of Alberta. His PhD research will explore redefining autism from a Nehiyaw lens, gathering stories with families and individuals who have experiences with autism using a strength-based approach, as well as gathering data on the perspectives of autism in Maskwacis.

Presentation: An Exploration of Indigenous Autism in Canada: A Nehiyaw Perspective 

Indigenous people are often under-presented in the discourse around autism. Drawing from his experience as a parent and member of Samson Cree Nation, Grant will explore ideas and concepts on how to better support Indigenous families with autistic children by incorporating Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into practice. Grant will also discuss the significance of Indigenous culture and connection in creating healthy environments, as well as explore practical tips for integrating holistic models into Western approaches, practices, services, and supports.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the unique intersectionality of Indigenous identity and autism including cultural perspectives, challenges, and strengths.
  2. Gain insights into culturally responsive approaches to supporting Indigenous individuals with autism, encompassing holistic and community-based strategies.
  3. Identify barriers to diagnosis, intervention, and access to services faced by Indigenous communities in Canada regarding autism.


Morning Keynote