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October 5 & 6, 2021

With a focus on practical tools, behaviour, research, technology, and ethics, Beyond Limits provides you with strategies and information to better support the people you serve.

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Drew Gurza

In this presentation, Going Beyond "How Do You…

Gerrie Stolz

Gerrie Stolz is a classified Early Childhood Educator…


Going Beyond "How Do You Have Sex?" to "How Does Sex and Disability Feel?"

Drew Gurza – Encore Presentation via Zoom

April 14, 6PM CST


In this presentation, Disability Awareness Consultant Drew Gurza will talk to you about sex and disability. The presentation will go past the basics of “How Do You Have Sex and Disability?” and consider how sex and disability really feels. Topics explored will include ableism, sexual ableism, privacy and so much more.