Society often puts labels on people with disabilities, which in turn naturally limits their ability. We come together to exchange ideas, expertise, and knowledge with a goal to enhance the quality and accessibility of services for people with additional support needs.

We push beyond the limits of the possible into the impossible. It is here where we truly create a community of inclusivity, amplifying the voices of the people we serve.

Thank you for being here to learn about Beyond Limits: Canada‚Äôs Conference for Diversity and Accessibility.

This name expresses the boundless potential and ambition of the people our sector supports across Canada. 

Save the date for our upcoming conference on October 28, 2024. Watch for updates about our upcoming virtual events throughout the year.

With a focus on practical tools, behaviour, research, technology, ethics, and best-practice, Beyond Limits will leave you with practical strategies and information to allow professionals, para-professionals and decision makers to better support the people they serve.


Melanie Forbes (Co-Chair)
Manager, Corporate Education, St.Amant

April Plett
Administrative Assistant, Autism Programs, St.Amant

Brendan Boehr
Coordinator, Clinical Education and Training, St.Amant

Brent Epp
Consultant, Student Services Unit, Government of Manitoba

Lindsay McCombe
Manager, St.Amant Research Centre

Kristina Kircher
Manager, Engagement & Learning, Bison Transport

Bryan Lotocki (Co-Chair)
Coordinator, Community Residential Program, St.Amant

Erin Thompson
Coordinator, Community Residential Program, St.Amant

Liezel Giesbrecht
Nurse Consultant, Community Nursing Services, St.Amant

Susanne Marius
Principal, St.Amant School

Sabrina Ferreira de Paula-Morier
Coordinator, Adult Home Share, New Directions

Bre Brown
Coordinator, Community Connections, St.Amant

Milagros Garay Zambrano
Administrative Assistant, Corporate Education, St.Amant

Michelle Everton
Senior Manager, Corporate Services

Rochelle Tabinga
Team Leader, Community Residential Program, St.Amant

Kellie Lambert
Training & Development Facilitator, Corporate Education, St.Amant

Stacia Franz
Senior Manager, Communications, St.Amant

Marcel Fisette
Communications Magager, St.Amant

Beyond Limits is looking for members, advisors and ad hoc members. If you’re interested in joining the committee as an external member, please contact us for more information!